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   My    dearest friend, my husband Matti is an artist, and many posters, leaflets, cards, logos, CD- covers etc. are made for him. He is a painter(oilpaintings), and a songwriter and a composer too.   To Matti's page

Hi ! I'm Sari Essell from Finland.
This is my digital Image gallery, and I want to show you few of my works.
I love to take photos, manipulate pictures and create prints and this is my dearest hobby.
I have taken all the photos here, except the very old one's.
People in my pictures are my friends and relatives. Most of the landscapes are from Finland, where I live, but in photogallerys 2 and 4 there's photos from Chigaco, Dallas, Fort Worth and from many other cities from Texas, USA.
So, welcome to share my hobby, I hope you enjoy.

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